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Save Money Buying a Rebuilt Transmission

Transmission Parts Distribution Inc is here to help provide you with perfect rebuilt transmissions.

Are you concerned over the costs of replacing a transmission?

Having to replace a transmission can prove to be very costly. A new transmission can cost thousands of dollars. As an alternative, some car owners may look towards buying a used transmission. While less costly, a used transmission might not necessarily perform well or last very long. A car owner could buy a used transmission only to discover new problems within a year or two. Rather than deal with high costs and great risks, buying a rebuilt transmission would be the wisest strategy. For a quick quote call us at 989-233-9227.

What is a rebuilt transmission?

A rebuilt transmission is one that has been taken apart, thoroughly cleaned and has had all problematic parts replaced. The transmission is then reassembled and ready to be reinstalled into a vehicle. Once the rebuilt transmission is installed, the car will run as if it were brand new. Of course, those in the market for a rebuilt transmission will want to purchase from a reliable and honest seller. Transmission Parts Distribution Inc is able to meet all customer expectations.

  • Our service has over 40 years experience delivering high quality, reliable rebuilt transmissions to the market. Customers can feel confident they will be getting top notch service when they place an order.
  • Parts are updated with the latest hard parts. We do not recycle used parts or put anything into the transmission that is prone to wearing out prematurely.
  • All parts come with our special guarantee. We will back up any parts we place in a rebuilt transmission with our two year warranty.
  • Save huge money buying rebuilt over a new transmission. Our prices are fair and reasonable. There is no core charge when you purchase from us.
  • Acquire a quick quote to see how much it will cost to rebuild a transmission on a particular make and model of a vehicle.
  • We ship all over the United States and the average shipping cost is reasonable at $125.

You no longer have to feel a new transmission will break your bank. Affordable rebuilt transmissions can be ordered from Transmission Parts Distribution Inc and they will be delivered in a timely fashion. Our service and quality will speak for itself.